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Hello my friends!

Hope life is treating you well, are you excited about the Bad25 anniversary? I know I am! I'm waiting eagerly for the Deluxe Edition box to come home to me! :D

Listen everyone I have to tell you something, something very exciting! In a town close to me they have opened up a restaurant / bar called "Jackson Pop Bar"!

Look at this awesome display on the wall!

If you can keep a secret I have asked if I could work for them and they were positive about my suggestion and took my details to contact me later for a meeting where we could discuss and plan things further, I'm very excited about it! :)

As you can see you can find some videos for downloading to the right or you can visit my YouTube channel here --> here.

If you want to contact me you send an e-mail to tess_ekis@yahoo.com

Current Tessie download(s)
Human Nature & Stranger In Moscow - 2011
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Big hits - 2010
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Dangerous Mix - 2010
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Billie Jean from Cityfest 2003.
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