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Interview with UniversJackson

1)To begin with, can you introduce yourself (age,job, etc)

My name is Tess, I'm 23 years old and I live in Sweden. Dancing and music has always been a passion of mine, and I think it is something I will always continue to do.... and maybe one day I will do this professionally.. but for now I work as a Lotus Notes programmer.

2)What is Michael to you?

First and foremost, an incredible inspiration. He is the visualisation of the pure dance and the music to me ... when his body moves it tells a story based on the melody and the different instruments in the song... and as Michael himself puts it: "When you're dancing, you know you are just interpreting the music and the sounds and the accompaniment if there's a driving base - you become the base, if there's a cello, if there's a string you become that, so you become the emotion of what that sound is"

3)Do you follow his ideas, like to heal the world, protect the children

I agree with his ideas that we should aim for healing the world and stop the wars and we should definetly protect our children. But I really don't have any fundings to actively give money to organisations and foundations ... to be able to perform and give the money raised to sharity I would gladly do however.. if I ever had the chance... :)

4)Have you ever met Michael?

No I haven't ...I'm still waiting to be blessed with that experience... my ultimate dream/goal is to dance with Michael ... :)

6)Have you also ever met Debbie or Lisa Marie?


7)For how long have you been a fan?

Since 1992.

8)For how long have you been dancing like Michael?

Well I guess I started back in 1992, but it took on a more serious tone 1997, then I really began to study his dance routine and learn and go out to the public and perform.. =)

9)Have you ever been to one of Michael’s concerts?

Yep, the HIStory concert back in 1997, Gothenburg, Sweden.

10)Do you love another star than Michael?

Not like I love Michael .. :) I enjoy a lot of different music but no one even comes close to the way I love Michael.

11)Haven’t you ever wanted to create your own music?

Yes I have, but I don't know.... seems like I don't have that certain gift to write music... I've tried but it just won't come to me the way I've heard Michael describe it for example.

12)What’s your favorite game?

Umm.... well I enjoy playing the Nintendo and especially the game MarioCart.. =)

13)What’s you favorite colour?

Well ... depends if we're talking colours on clothes or anything.. but I've always like the colour of green ... not on my clothes though ... :)

14)What’s your astrology sign?


15)Tell me, do you have any Michael Jackson collectors ?

Umm..... I have a Michael Jackson doll... and lots of videomaterial with him.

16)Can you also tell us what albums of Michael you have?

Umm.. let's see.. Off the wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible.

17) All albums included, what’s you favorite Michael song?

That's a tricky question... it depends on what mood I'm in really... but one song that I will never get tired of ... is a song that doesn't lack anything .. it's perfect ... and it will never get "out of date" ... I think you all know what song I'm talking about ... BILLIE JEAN of course!

18)What to you think of "Invincible"?

Well ... to be honest ... I don't think it's one of his best albums... it does have some potential hits in it (You Rock My World, Butterflies, Speechless, Whatever Happens.. ) ... but most of the songs you need to listen three times.... four times... five times even... to begin to enjoy and understand ... so it's a bit harder to digest then Dangerous for example.. Dangerous contains more easily digested songs and most of those songs became number 1 hits aswell! =)

I do feel that Invincible hasn't gotten a chance to make itself justice however... the singles released from it hasn't gotten any airplay in the radio .. which I think is a shame...

19)And what’s you favorite song from "Invincible"?

Humz.... good question ... it also depends what mood I'm in... but say Butterflies =)

20)What do you think of Sony and the promotion?

I feel it has been poorly promoted...

21)Have you been to demonstrations for the promotion of "invincible"?

I would have loved to join in on the demonstrations in London, but I didn't have the money to do it... :/

22)Have met impersonators?

I've seen impersonators perform but never really had a private conversation with them ..

23)If you have can you tell their names?


24)Have you any friends who are fans of Michael ?

Yes I do =)

25)And finally do you have a good sense of humor ?

I think that is a question of defintion... and personal taste ... we are all different and find different things more or less funny ... =)

26)Can you tell me a good joke?

I'm not really someone that tells jokes ... it happens rarely .. and if I do all of them are in swedish anyway ...heeh... :)

27)What made you want to imitate Michael Jackson??

Well I like to be on stage... and I love to dance ... and I love Michael Jackson .. seemed like a good combination to me =)

Best regards, Tess

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