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Spring Party (1998-05-07)

Spring Party in 1998My first performance ever as an impersonator was at a school.. they had this spring-party and me and my friends and backupdancers Fia and Janet were up as a suprise performance at the very end of the show. I was so nervous I thought that I'd get sick but fortunately that never happened Wink It all went very good and it was appreciated by the audience!

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Michael Jackson Day (1998-05-15)

Michael Jackson Day 1998My second performance occured at an MJ-fans day in Stockholm, Sweden. This was to be the happiest day ever! See a reporter from the King! magazine were there to cover the event! I remember that they had a great stage there and also arranged with spotlights! It was the greatest feeling when I took the first step forward in the Dangerous routine and found that flashing from cameras from everywhere it seemed.. it was all weird..hehe. :O) The reporter, who's name is Paul Brangwyn by the way, also got a picture of me and he also wrote an article to accompany the photograph with.

Examination (1998-05-16)

Examination (1998)The third time I was up for a performance was the day after the MJ-day actually, I had taken a dance-course for 30p and my "exam" was to perform for about 300 people on the greatest stage I had ever been on so far! We had effects like fog, blue spotligths at the "get the point, good, let's dance!" line. This was the the absolutely best response we had ever gotten from any audience, when the last dance move was made the applause and whissels was so hard I felt a vague airbreeze sweeping over my face!!

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Christmas Party (1998-12-18)

My fourth performance occured 7 months later. This time it was for a the teachers at the same school as for my first performance. This was also a surprise performance, so they turned down the lights while we ran out on stage and got positioned. I was very nervous this time too, for one because it had been 7 months since the last time I had performed and second because I now was to do one performance by myself without my backup dancers! The Dangerous routine went fine anyway so we all got out from the stage while they changed CD's and I changed my outfit.

I was to perform a mix that I had done by myself now! It started off with Smooth Criminal a cappella and then entered into the Dangerous version from the HIStory tour, I had it end right after "you know you want me".. and faded up a remix version of Billie Jean.. right at this point, the audience started to clap their hands!! It was just unbelivable!! The remix version of Billie Jean ended with "sorry wrong beat " and I took the position for the "real" Billie Jean beat instead! After Billie Jean I had mixed in a verse from Don't stop til' you get enough and that was also the song that ended the whole mix! I got huge applause and whissels after that one! And they never seemed to end either.. they even continued after I had gotten down from stage!

Street Dancing (1999-06-05)

Smooth Criminal 1999My fifth performance was something that just came to me as an idea and I decided that I wanted to try and go through with it! I wanted to stand as a streetdancer at a market in a town nearby. So with many phonecalls and lots and lots of help from great friends (Big thank-you to Janet and Sara!!) I was able to go through with it. Once again 6 months had passed since my last performance so I was once again very very nervous. I was once again to perform all alone without my backup dancers so that added to it ofcourse. The lineup of songs was: Scream Medley, Stranger in Moscow, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean and Dangerous.

My plan was to have childhood and tabloid junkie as songs to play while I was changing outifts.. but we could never play them all through because the crowd around me stood there and waited for me to begin with the next danceroutine! That was stressing but at the same time it was cool, cuz I really thought they would leave when they noticed that I was done..but they stood there to check if something more was coming up. When I was done with the Dangerous routine and people noticed that I now was done two girls with big MJ T-shirts came up to me and they said that they really wanted me to do something more! That was pretty unbelivable I think, I felt really honored, so if you two girls ever read this thank-you very much for making me feel special! So I ended up performing Man In The Mirror too before I called it a day!

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Talent Show (1999-08-14)

Talent Show 1999My sixth performance was pretty awful actually... but I'm glad that I made it through anyway. Do you wanna know what I'm talking about? Okay! :) hehe.. ok this is the story: A nation wide talent show was announced on the radio (Rix FM) here in Sweden. The first price was a trip for two to The Big Apple! So I thought, why not give it a try eh? What do I have to lose?

So I sent in the Dangerous routine from my streedancing performance and just waited for some time. Because it was a competition that went across the whole country there was to be local competitions first, but I was never selected to do any of that... then it was said that it should be one competition on Friday, and the finalist from that one should be in the BIG final on Saturday. But at my birthday(of all days?!) an e-mail arrived in my mailbox stating that I was very welcom to Stockholm in August during the Watefestival to attend the final! In one way I thought that I had won already, since I was chosen to perform in the final in a nationwide talent show!

Well the day with capital D arrived, I had gone worrying about this event for well... 2 weeks straight to be honest.. I'm not going into more details but many things made it all very uncomfortable for me and I don't think that I did a good performance either... this was my really first downfall with my impressioning of Michael.. but sometime has to be the first right? I bet you all have understood by now that I didn't win.

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Villageparty (2000-02-11)

The seventh performance occured on the 11th of February. This was a performance that really needed to go well for me since my last memory of being on stage was pretty awful. I had been asked by some ppl in our village to come down and do a suprise performance on a party that was to be held. The people attending it was only supposed to be women of all ages (mainly those above 40 though).. but I had doubts that they would think that a performance in Michael Jackson style woulds suit them. I was to be proven wrong, VERY WRONG! Anyway, after a conversation with my dad I finally decided to go through with it, he said to that I should take it as training on being on stage again and he really thought that they would enjoy it. So I started to pick out some songs that I hoped would fit the occation. I started off with a mix that was supposed to be introduced on new years eve but I got the flu in time for the millennium shift so I spent new years eve in bed.. but that's another story. Anyway I thought this would be something to warm them up a little.

I finally ended up with this tracklisting: Off The Wall medley, Human Nature - Stranger in Moscow Mix, Jackson 5 Medley, The New Dangerous version, Black or White and Heal The World. In total it was 8 songs and I performed for about 40 minutes or so.

So, the big moment was here, I stood on stage and people started to fill up the room, take a chair and sat down. I was very nervous, and it got worse to see them come in to the room and start to stare at me.. cuz they had NO idea what was up! But once I started up with the millennium mix it felt better, and after 5 minutes all my nervousness was gone and that was very much thankx to the audience that I had. They really seemed to enjoy my performance and showed it to me in the most generous way, I loved it!! It had never felt so great to be on stage as it did that night!

Above all I also got my first money ever for doing a dance performance! It was great! I want to send out a big THANK-YOU to everyone who was there that night and showed me that being on stage really can be a great thing!

Amusement Park (2000-08-19)

Amusement Park 2000My 8th performance was something that was developed through a request from me about being a streetdancer at an AmusementPark nearby. I was on my holidays just doing nothing and wanted to activate myself a bit aswell as get some training of standing in front of a crowd. So I sent an e-mail to the manager of the park, telling him about myself and what my show was about. I also told him about my videoclip on the net that he could check out if he wanted.

Before I knew it he had replied to my e-mail asking me if I would like to do 30 minute long show on their stage the day the park celebrated 100 years!

Of course I said yes! I was very honoured to have been given space to enter their stage and to get 30 minutes all for me! Unfortunatly the arrangements with the sound and amplifiers was not good, and all of you who works with music sure knows what difference a good sound system does to a show! So my performance did not turn out as well as I had wanted at all actually. No crowd at all came to see what was going on on stage. I felt pretty lonely but I completed my show as I had promised.

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New Years Eve (2000-12-31)

This performance came about because of an earlier event that I did - the Village party. If you've read about that one you remember that, that event went GREAT - I had a great time and the crowd seemed to have a great time aswell! So of course I said yes when they called and asked if I could do a performance for New Years Eve. It was to take place in the same meeting place as last time, and since this event was for more people then last time I decided to add something extra to start off with just to get them going. That extra became a collection with hits from the 50s and 60s, in total it was 18 minutes long and boy did it ever turn out great! It ended with me observing how the audience started to clap along to the beat of the music and that felt GREAT!

When that was done it was time for me to start off with my Michael impersonating. Since the last song had ended with a "big bang" - in a very uptempo kind of way, I choose to go out with a real slow song as my opening Michael number - Gone Too Soon.

I then continued with Smooth Criminal, J5 medley and ended the show with Black or White in which I also got spontaneous hand claps to in the middle of the song! So this was once again a great experience for me cuz of the giving audience and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Campingparty (2001-05-18)

This performance came about because of my performance I did on New Years Eve. A man by the name Janne was there and watched me perform. And every year he holds a party for people that stays at a camping nearby his restaurant, and in April he gave me a call and asked if I would like to perform on his party. I was very honored that he asked me, so of course I said yes =)

I had been working on a program which I could perform with for some time, besides Michael I find it amusing to play around a bit with some music from the 50s and 60s or sometimes music from other genres aswell. So for this occation I choose to start out with a 18 minute long medley of songs from the 50s and 60s. Let's just say it was very appreciated.. ;)

After that "warm-up" I performed Dangerous, Black or White and Heal The World. It was very nice to see how the people responded to Michael's music, they even started to light their lighters and bring them up in the air just like on Michael's concerts .. it was all a very very nice feeling to perform that night. The best thing of it all was that I wasn't all this extremely nervous this time!

I must say the audience was absolutely fantastic, I heard later that people had been approaching Janne and complimented me afterwards aswell, hearing that made me very happy :o)

Shoppingparty (2001-05-25)

Not many days after I had done my performance for the campers, I got a call from this man that owns a supermarket, his name is Lars-Bertil. Janne and Lars-Bertil knew one another and obviously they had been talking with each other and now I was approached by him to perform on this party that he was arranging for the 'shoppers' that came to his store on a regular basis.

Having had very good experiences from my last performance I agreed to perform. Since the supermarket is situated in the village in which I was brought up there were going to be lots of people attending this party which I knew and who knew me. Because of that I got a bit nervous of the thought of performing for them. Lars-Bertil's plan was to offer them dinner, and because he had some many "regulars", around 500, he had to divide them into two groups. The first group was older people and the next group was those who were 'out and about' a bit more. So I ended up performing twice that night. Because of not having so much time available and space for me to move on either for that matter I only did my 'old medley' for the first group and for the second group I did the 'old medley' again and Black or White.

I wouldn't say this was a bad performance or anything but it wasn't as successful as for the campers :)

Michael Jackson Day (2001-10-30)

Michael Jackson Day 2001The Michael Jackson day arranged in Stockholm was to be my 12th time performing in front of an audience. When I think back I've now started to get some sort of experience in being on a stage in front of a crowd.

I was nervous for this occasion aswell but it wasn't more then I could handle :) What was pretty cool I think was that Shalita ( the girl arranging the MJ Day) had put me as the main event of the day. I had gotten 30 minutes all for myself to do something on. When I found this out I started get ideas almost right away, I ended up with doing a miniconcert which had a beginning a middle and an end. Just like Michael builds up his shortfilms ... :)

The day began at 15.00 but I had started out early from home and arrived there at around 10 o'clock. Almost right away I had an opportunity to rehearse one dance routine a bit on the stage and get to feel it. For which I'm very thankful cause it kinda released some tension in my body after a while and the stage felt great and the quality on the sound, I mean the speakers and everything was AWESOME!
I rehearsed my "You Rock My World which goes into Black or White" dance routine once and then me and guy named Cesar rehearsed "Gone Too Soon" together. This was an idea that Shalita got that Cesar would sing live and I would dance to that - cause my ending song on my performance was "Gone Too Soon". So we rehearsed that one a couple of times. Cesar was to perform "Dirty Diana" by himself after that but he asked if I could join him on stage just dancing in the background. I was surprised that he asked me but I said that I could do that, no problem. So I ended up rehearsing Dirty Diana together with Cesar aswell before we finished off the rehearsal.

At around 15.00 they opened the doors and people started entering the café. That's right the MJ day was arranged in a café in the very centre of Stockholm.
To make a long story short there were quite a few performers up for a performance this day, from lookalikes to dancers interpreting Michael's songs to live singing, karaoke, Michael jeopardy, watching a film with Michael on a huge screen and of course playing lots of music from Michael's latest album Invincible! And other older tunes aswell. It was all a very nice day for a Michael Jackson fan in Stockholm, Sweden that Tuesday =)

At 20.30 in the evening it was time for me to enter the stage, I was the last artist out to perform this day because I was the main event of the day. Sorry but I just feel like saying that again .. . tihi... ;)
The performance, in my eyes at least, went very well! Afterwards fans approached me and complimented me on my dancing which was all very nice .. >>smiles<< .. it's moments like these that gives me the strenght and the edurance to keep on doing what I do, so if anyone of you read this that was there that day I want to thank-you so much for the support =)

Here is my program that I did by the way:

Intromix that I had created containing:

- Dirty Diana
- Show You The Way To Go
- Blood On The DanceFloor

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Human Nature that went into Stranger In Moscow
Smooth Criminal
You Rock My World went into Black Or White
Gone Too Soon together with Cesar
Background dancing to Dirty Diana with Cesar

Download the Black or White Performance

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